5 Tips To Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy After A Back-To-School Dental Check-Up

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Getting ready for a new school year can be a fun and exciting time for parents and children alike. With countless things to do, buy, and prepare, it can also be one of the busiest times of the year. One of the most beneficial things parents can do over the summer holiday is to schedule their child’s back-to-school dental exam in New Braunfels, TX. At ACE Dental of New Braunfels, our award-winning team of dentists provides comprehensive family dental care, including back-to-school dental appointments, to ensure your child’s oral health is intact as he or she heads into the school year. Use the tips below to help your children maintain good oral hygiene and dental health after their summer dental check-up.

Should my kids go to the dentist during the summer or wait until school starts?

While it is often more convenient to schedule your child’s dentist appointment during the summer, the most important thing is to have regular dental cleanings and exams. If you aren’t able to bring them to the dentist during summer break, you can certainly schedule their dentist appointment at any time during the school year. We will provide you with a medical absence note if their visit falls during school hours. ACE Dental of New Braunfels is also open on Saturdays for added convenience.

What’s included in a back-to-school dental check-up?

Depending on your child’s age, overall oral health, and other factors, their back-to-school dental visit may include the following:

  • Comprehensive dental exam
  • Oral health evaluation
  • Digital dental x-rays
  • Dental cleaning
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Sealant application
  • Instructions for proper dental hygiene

If any dental problems are found, such as cavities/tooth decay, excessive plaque build-up, or another issue, our dentist may discuss further treatment options with you.

Dental hygiene tips for kids

After your back-to-school visit, we will talk with you and your child about how to care for their teeth between office visits to minimize the risk of developing future dental problems. Five of the most important at-home tips for maintaining your child’s dental and oral health include:

1. Brushing: All patients should brush their teeth twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste. Patients with braces or dental appliances may need to brush more frequently, including after each meal, to prevent food buildup.

2. Flossing: Daily flossing is also critical for minimizing plaque buildup between the teeth and preventing cavities.

3. Rinsing: Even children should get into the habit of rinsing with mouthwash once or twice daily to reduce oral bacteria and keep their mouth healthy.

4. Avoiding certain foods and drinks: To reduce the risk of cavities, chipped teeth, broken teeth, and other problems, patients should avoid or minimize their intake of:

  • Sticky/gummy foods
  • Gum containing sugar
  • Hard candies
  • Soda
  • Sugary drinks

5. Wearing a mouth guard: Children and teens who play sports can greatly reduce their risk of dental damage by wearing an athletic mouth guard.

Of course, having twice-yearly dental cleanings and regular dental checkups is also an essential component of preserving your child’s oral health.

As your kids get ready to go back to school, don’t forget to schedule their summer dental appointments in New Braunfels, TX

Start the new school year off right by getting your child’s teeth in tip-top shape! To schedule a back-to-school dental exam at ACE Dental of New Braunfels, call to speak with one of our friendly team members today!

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