How Invisalign Aligners May Help Individuals Have An Improved Smile

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Gaining well-aligned and attractive teeth is a goal shared by plenty of people, ranging from teens to mature women and men. But for many patients, misaligned, crooked, or overcrowded teeth are preventing the enjoyment of a confident smile. Although these ortho concerns can surely impact the aesthetic appeal of the teeth, many adults and adolescents consider the idea of traditional braces to be an undesirable option. To help in these cases, the qualified dental practitioners at ACE Dental of New Braunfels offer Invisalign orthodontics as a treatment alternative and are thrilled to explain the cosmetic advantages it can offer your teeth. A wide range of individuals in New Braunfels, TX have enjoyed the amazing cosmetic and functional rewards of this modern, inconspicuous aligner system.

Invisalign orthodontics is a less obtrusive treatment option that can give New Braunfels, TX individuals a quicker path to a straighter, more beautiful smile, especially those who want to bypass a longer orthodontic solution. Selecting Invisalign carries a degree of discretion that cannot be reached with conventional orthodontics, even when it involves ceramic, tooth-colored options. Invisalign clear aligners can be taken out of the mouth and are formed with a pliable, virtually undetectable proprietary substance referred to as SmartTrack®. This cosmetic treatment alternative does not carry the look and feel of obtrusive appliances and is commonly a great treatment for teen and adult individuals. If you believe Invisalign might possibly be suitable for your orthodontic needs, our Invisalign providers at ACE Dental of New Braunfels encourage you to keep reading and find out who might be a candidate for this modern ortho option.

This ortho treatment is often trusted by a range of New Braunfels, TX teens and adults because of its ease, accessibility, and less obvious look. Though Invisalign can be a good orthodontic treatment for a wide range of patients, conventional braces might still be the best option under certain circumstances. Good candidates for Invisalign clear aligners may be people who:

  • Are dealing with an overbite, crossbite, open bite, or underbite
  • Have gapped teeth or crowded teeth
  • Are bothered by overlapping or crooked teeth
  • Are affected by narrow dental arches
  • Are noticing a relapse in tooth positioning
  • Require initial ortho treatment
  • Are adolescents
  • Are working men and women
  • Are musicians or athletes

Invisalign aligners are often used to fix a wide variety of dental concerns in less treatment time when compared to metal orthodontics. Computer-generated and custom-designed for every case, Invisalign straightens and improves tooth positioning via individual sets of discreet mouth trays, enabling a personalized treatment system. The providers at ACE Dental of New Braunfels rely on sophisticated technology to digitally map out the treatment program, guiding the precise realignment of your teeth. This data is then sent to a designated Invisalign dental laboratory, where the teeth aligners are crafted according to individual goals. Each pair of trays is worn on the upper and lower arches for about one week. As each set is traded for the next, the teeth should gradually shift in the direction of their planned locations while led by the steady force generated from each specific aligner. Along with the accelerated and inconspicuous option of Invisalign for adult and adolescent orthodontic care, a multitude of people typically consider the treatment process to be more conducive to and less challenging for their everyday routines.

Though these clear aligners fit securely on the teeth, they also can be quickly removed prior to meal times and for at-home oral care. Since there are no dietary limitations when it comes to Invisalign, our patients can continue to enjoy all types of foods and avoid uncomfortable lip, cheek, and gum irritation and the risk of harming their braces. New Braunfels, TX people who play sporting activities or who play musical instruments do not need to worry about their brackets and wires being a nuisance, as the clear mouth trays can be easily taken out prior to such events. After the treatment process with Invisalign is over and the teeth are properly aligned and straight, a set of Vivera® retainers from Invisalign will be crafted from the same smooth material as your trays. The process of wearing Vivera retainers after the active phase of ortho care helps teeth remain in their ideal positions. Your retainers will feel similar to the durable Invisalign aligner trays used throughout your Invisalign care.

Invisalign trays are often a popular alternative for teens and older patients who desire a faster, inconspicuous method to straighten their teeth. The most effective way to determine if this option can help boost your smile and dental health is by reserving a visit with our Invisalign dentists at ACE Dental of New Braunfels. Please call our New Braunfels, TX practice now to set up a personalized consultation with our dental team. Getting a properly aligned, confident smile could be closer than you can imagine!

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