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What Is 3D Dental Imaging?

ACE Dental of New Braunfels proudly utilizes an advanced dental imaging system to provide a higher standard of care for our patients. While digital x-rays offer a 2D view of your teeth and jawbone, there are some instances when a more in-depth, 360-degree look into your mouth may be more beneficial. Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is a state-of-the-art scanning system that produces highly diagnostic 3D images of your teeth, nerves, jawbone, and face. These images show oral structures in greater detail, allowing our general dentists to gain a better understanding of any dental conditions that may be impacting your health. Cone beam CT scans are also used to plan for and perform dental treatments with greater accuracy, such as dental implant surgery and complex cosmetic procedures. Talk with our knowledgeable New Braunfels, TX team to learn more about the exciting health benefits 3D oral imaging may bring to your smile!

When Are Dental CBCT Scans Recommended?

At ACE Dental of New Braunfels, our dentists may use cone beam CT imaging to evaluate oral conditions for patients of all ages. Cone beam scans are often used to diagnose cysts, jaw tumors, and dental diseases, and to plan for procedures, such as tooth extractions, implant placement, root canal therapy, and sleep apnea care. In younger patients, 3D imaging is helpful in assessing tooth eruption patterns and monitoring the jaw and facial structures as they develop. It is also used during orthodontic treatments to ensure the jaws and teeth are aligning as intended. Given that CBCT produces low levels of radiation, women who are pregnant (or who could be) are advised to inform our team ahead of time so special precautions can be taken.

How Does DEntal Cone Beam CT Scanning Work?

Cone beam 3D imaging may be a significant component of a dental exam, in much the same way as dental x-rays. To begin the CBCT process, we will position you in front of our scanning machine, which will rotate in a full circle around your head. As it moves, the cone beam scanner will quickly take highly defined images of your mouth, jaw, and head, completing the process in under a minute. Your images will be transmitted to our computer system within seconds and stored in your patient record for our team to review. Most patients find the 3D oral imaging process at our New Braunfels, TX practice to be fast, comfortable, and efficient.

What Can I Expect After a Dental CBCT Scan?

Our team will review your images with you once they are complete, taking time to show you any dental concerns and assist you in understanding any treatment needs. As highly diagnostic images, cone beam scans show your dental features in refined detail, which enable our dentists to suggest the treatment solutions that can meet your goals, needs, and budget in the best possible way. This can help you make educated choices for your oral health and plan out the ideal path to a healthier smile. As an additional advantage, the detailed images offered by CBCT 3D scans may help reduce the chance of unexpected complications throughout the treatment process.

Does Dental Insurance Cover 3D Digital Imaging?

Advanced cone beam CT imaging might be partially covered by certain dental insurance providers. Before getting started, a member of our billing team will contact your carrier to review your plan and inform you of any personal costs. ACE Dental of New Braunfels strives to make quality care accessible to patients in our community by accepting affordable payment methods, including special financing plans.

Improving Oral Health Through Advanced Technology

ACE Dental of New Braunfels is dedicated to helping patients enjoy better treatment results through advanced 3D oral imaging. Cone beam CT scans are commonly used to diagnose a range of oral conditions and enhance accuracy during dental procedures. Schedule a visit at our New Braunfels, TX facility to learn more about CBCT and how these images might benefit your oral health.

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