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What Are Digital Dental X-Rays?

We are dedicated to the safety and wellness of you and your loves ones and use the latest in advanced diagnostic techniques to care for your smile. At our modern dental practice in New Braunfels, TX, we take digital x-rays during exam visits and some forms of treatment to gain an in-depth look at your oral health and screen for issues that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Several dental conditions may only be visible on x-rays (also called radiographs), including jawbone loss, impacted teeth, cysts, and cavities between the teeth. By identifying dental concerns as early as possible, our general dentists may be able to offer more conservative forms of care and save you money in the long run. Schedule a visit at ACE Dental of New Braunfels for more on how we use digital imaging to enhance the safety, convenience, and effectiveness of your family's oral care.

Who Is a Candidate for Dental Radiographs?

Digital x-rays may be safely taken in children and adults and are often a vital component of a comprehensive dental exam, emergency dental visit, and some procedures. X-rays allow our New Braunfels, TX team to see abscesses, cysts and tumors, impacted wisdom teeth, curved tooth roots, malpositioned teeth, decay beneath dental restorations and between teeth, and more. This digital approach produces much less radiation than traditional x-rays. While safe for most patients, we only take x-rays as needed and request that women who are expecting or believe they may be pregnant inform our team so precautions can be taken.

What Is the Digital X-ray Process?

Having x-rays taken can be very important, as they reveal dental conditions that may be concealed by the gums or otherwise remain undiagnosed. Digital x-rays are generally taken at the beginning of a dental visit and typically completed in under five minutes. To begin, we will place a digital sensor, which many patients find to be more comfortable than x-ray films, between your tongue and teeth, and quickly capture the image. Your x-rays will show your teeth and surrounding jawbone and will be transmitted to our computer in a matter of seconds. One of our dentists will then review your images with you, take time to point out any dental issues, and discuss appropriate treatment options.

How Often Are Dental X-Rays Taken?

In general, bitewing x-rays are taken once a year to help us identify dental concerns early on, such as loss of bone in the jaw and hidden dental cavities. Every 3 – 5 years, we may take a panoramic or full set of x-rays so our dentists can evaluate the whole mouth and jaw and screen for orthodontic concerns or other dental considerations. Periapical x-rays (which show a tooth in its entirety and the surrounding bone) are commonly taken to evaluate acute or emergency needs, such as when a tooth is broken or painful. Dental x-rays are stored within your digital patient file and used by our New Braunfels, TX team as needed during your care.

Does Dental Insurance Cover X-rays?

Digital dental x-rays are commonly covered at certain intervals by the majority of dental insurance policies. A member of our billing team will contact your carrier to learn about your individual plan and estimate any potential out-of-pocket costs. At ACE Dental of New Braunfels, we want all patients to have access to quality care and accept several affordable payment options. Talk with our friendly team today to explore special financing plans and other convenient solutions.

Advance Your Health With Digital Imaging

Digital dental x-rays provide our dentists greater diagnostic insight into your oral health. Taken at preventive and emergency dental visits, and during the course of some procedures, x-rays can allow the team at ACE Dental of New Braunfels to identify treatment needs before cavities, bone loss, or other conditions further affect your health and smile. Find out more on the benefits of digital imaging by booking a visit at our New Braunfels, TX practice.

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