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What Are Dental Implants?

Replacing missing teeth is important to the general condition and appearance of the smile. To help New Braunfels, TX men and women effectively overcome the loss of natural teeth, our general dentists are extremely excited to offer lifelike dental implants for long-term tooth replacement. A dental implant is made up of a titanium alloy screw that bonds with the jawbone and functions as a stand-in tooth root. These sturdy posts can then be used to securely support a custom implant-retained crown, bridge, or denture, which replaces the cosmetic portion of the missing tooth (or numerous teeth). Implants can offer a variety of benefits for your health and smile, including enhanced stability, increased biting power, and an attractive cosmetic appeal. If you are dealing with tooth loss or require a tooth extraction, arrange a checkup at ACE Dental of New Braunfels and discover your dental implant possibilities!

Are You a Candidate for Implant Dentistry?

Dental implants may be utilized to replace any quantity of missing or damaged teeth, ranging from one tooth to an entire arch. You could be a good candidate for implants if you suffer from tooth loss, have teeth that cannot be repaired, or are dissatisfied with your present tooth replacement. To be successful, implants require adequate bone mass, healthy gum tissues, and a stable dental environment. In certain instances, bone grafting or tooth extractions may be required to improve a patient's candidacy for this option. Implants might not be ideal for those who are expecting, use tobacco products, or have particular health problems.

What Is the Treatment Process?

Our team will use advanced dental imaging to accurately plan out your implant dentistry procedure. As soon as the area is ready for surgery, it will be numbed with local anesthesia. Nitrous oxide sedation might additionally be used to help you to feel more relaxed throughout your visit. The titanium post will be strategically secured within your bone at a certain area and given several months to fully bond with the tissue through a phenomenon referred to as osseointegration. Once the implant site has fully recovered, our New Braunfels, TX dentists will create and attach a custom crown, denture, or full-arch restoration to your implant and adjust your tooth replacement for comfort.

Recovery Following Implant Placement

Following the placement of your dental implant, a staff member will go over what to expect as you heal. It is common to experience some swelling, bruising, and tenderness around the area for the first several days. Prescription or over-the-counter pain medication and cold compresses can help to lessen your discomfort as you recover. Once the titanium post has fused with the jawbone and your custom restoration is attached, it is essential to follow a good dental care routine with effective brushing and flossing techniques. We will utilize special dental instruments to clean and assess the condition of replacements when you visit ACE Dental of New Braunfels for your dental cleanings and exams.

Insurance Coverage for Implants

A portion of your dental implant surgery or implant crown, bridge, or denture might be covered by dental insurance, depending on the plan and provider. Someone on our team will contact your insurance company to help you make full use of your benefits prior to determining any personal costs. At ACE Dental of New Braunfels, we want to help you attain excellent treatment for your dental health and accept a variety of affordable payment options, such as low-interest financing plans.

Lifelike Results for Your Smile

Thanks to the progress made in modern dental techniques, there are several ways to address tooth loss with the seamless quality and benefits of dental implants. Our talented dentists are proud to offer implant crown, bridge, and denture solutions as long-term tooth replacements to New Braunfels, TX patients. To discover your options for replacing badly damaged or missing teeth, schedule a visit to ACE Dental of New Braunfels at your earliest convenience!

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