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What Is a Sinus Lift?

ACE Dental of New Braunfels is proud to offer sinus lift procedures to help make some patients better candidates for receiving a dental implant. Following the loss of teeth in the upper back arch, the maxillary sinus cavity may expand into the area where the tooth roots used to be. This can diminish bone volume in the upper jaw and may leave too little support for tooth replacement with dental implants, which need solid bone mass for support. In these cases, our skilled general dentists may recommend a sinus lift to make patients better candidates for implant dentistry. Sinus lifts (also called sinus augmentation) elevate the sinus floor to a higher position in the jaw. Our team can then fill this space with bone grafting tissue to generate a proper foundation for a dental implant. Schedule a visit with our New Braunfels, TX practice for more on how sinus lift surgery might increase your chances of implant success.

Is a Sinus Lift Right for You?

You may be an ideal candidate for sinus lift surgery if you need to replace an upper molar or premolar tooth and you are considering a dental implant as a tooth replacement option. Sinus argumentation may be recommended if there is insufficient bone mass in your upper back jaw or if the floor of your maxillary sinus sits too close to where your implant will be placed. This option might also be considered if your sinus cavity is too large or has expanded into the bone. When you visit ACE Dental of New Braunfels for a consultation, we will take advanced 3D images of your sinus cavity and jaw to determine if a sinus lift can help meet your needs and goals.

What Is the Treatment Process?

To prepare you mouth for sinus lift surgery, we will numb the area and can provide nitrous oxide sedation to further enhance your comfort. When you are ready, our skilled team will create an incision in your gums in your upper jaw. The gum tissue will be gently moved back to provide access to your jaw, and advanced instruments will be utilized to reach the sinus. Using a gentle technique, we will elevate the sinus floor and add bone grafting material to fill in the empty space. This will help create the structure needed to support your future implant while also holding the sinus cavity in its new position. The area will be sutured closed and may need time to heal before an implant can be placed.

Recovery Following Sinus Augmentation

Aftercare instructions will be provided by our team once your sinus lift procedure is complete. Our dentists may give you a prescription for pain medication to help improve your comfort as your mouth heals. You might be asked to return to our New Braunfels, TX practice 1 – 2 weeks later to have your sutures removed. Over the next several months, the bone graft will integrate with your jaw, but it will likely require several months of healing before the implant process can begin. Throughout this time, it is essential to maintain a proper oral hygiene regimen and keep up with routine dental visits with our New Braunfels, TX team.

Insurance Coverage for Sinus Lifts

Sinus lift surgery might be covered in part under certain dental insurance plans. Our treatment coordinator will contact your carrier to review your individual benefits before providing you with an estimate of treatment costs. ACE Dental of New Braunfels strives to deliver quality services at affordable rates and is pleased to accept several payment choices for your convenience. A team member can also help you apply for special medical financing or design a payment plan to meet your unique needs and budget.

Prepare for Implants With Sinus Lift Surgery

While dental implants are often an ideal solution for overcoming tooth loss in the upper jaw, they do require adequate bone volume to fulfill your tooth replacement needs. A sinus lift from our New Braunfels, TX practice might be just the solution you need to increase your implant candidacy after losing a tooth in the upper back arch. Get in touch with ACE Dental of New Braunfels to further explore this option or to reserve your treatment consultation!

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